Bishnu Original Grey’s Twin Ring Sling with fringes


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First time in Löft: gorgeous decorative ladders creating this beautiful look!

A Löft label classic and one of our customers’ all-time favourites!

Handwoven Cashmere 30%, Silk 30% and Cotton 40%. Approximately 390GSM.

Approx. 190-200cm plus fringes.

Butter soft, smooth and cushy, yet strong. Snuggly, cuddly and so comfy. Great to work with: easy to handle, tighten and adjust.

So soft from beginning – does not require to be broken in at all!

The cashmere and the silk regulate the body temperature of you and your child.  A perfect choice to keep you and your child warm and cosy.

Perfect both for babies and for toddlers.

No waste! We wanted to use the yarn stock the Weavers had in their workshops, so Reeta made this beautiful Bishnu for you. Bishnu Grey’s Twin: this time not only in black&white, but with a little hint of steel-grey added.

These beautiful, mono colours combined with beautiful handmade fringes, decorative ladders, an amazing herringbone pattern and a wonderful blend make this a very luxurious wrap with a timeless design.

There is also one special ring sling available – with 3 ladders finished with a hint of green thread and braided fringes, creating a cool and unique look!

The weavers have washed the slings and wraps for you, so they arrive to your home ready to use.

Please bear in mind the colours may vary, depending on your device screen settings.


A Löft product is made by humans, not machines. No hands are perfect and no threads are endless, so there might be visible thread shifts, small knots and other irregularities. This is the beauty of a handwoven product. Every piece is unique.

To limit the use of plastic and unnecessary packing, your ring sling/wrap will come in an handwoven organic drawstring bag. When you wear your baby on the front, you can carry diapers and food in the drawstring on the back.

When your carrying days are over, we recommend that you pass on the ring sling/wrap to other parents or make it into your favorite scarf, embracing all the memories of you carrying your baby.

Pictures by Timdemski.

2.grades are sold with minor flaws and without drawstring bag or guarantee, but with a 30% discount.

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