Tigress Mocha Ring Sling without fringes with matte black rings – 2.grade


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Our amazing handwoven jacquard in 50% banana and 50% cotton blend.

2.grades are sold with minor flaws and without drawstring bag or guarantee, but with a 30% discount.

Tigress Mocha is thick and requires a little work to get though the rings and to tie, but once done- it will stay in place forever and give you super comfort for long cuddles!

Approximately 420gsm.

Jacquards are usually made by machines, but rarely on handlooms, which makes this even more special and unique.

This sling is very strong and supportive, yet soft at the same time. It is moldable, fluffy and super cushy, it has a wonderful diagonal stretch. It is lightweight and airy, it feels medium thick in hand. It needs a little work to tie, but once done- it will stay in place forever and give you super comfort for long cuddles!

It will be a perfect ring sling both for smaller babies and for heavy toddlers – you can use it throughout your babywearing journey!

We care for our Planet, so we search for most eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Since the world is wasting about a billion tons of banana stems each year, we want to use some of it to upcycle them into this amazing yarn. So, not only is this blend favorable to our environment, but it also has exceptional qualities.

It has an amazing, wild and uneven, sometimes striped structure, with lots of nubs, irregularities and curls. This brings life to fabric and creates a raw and fabulous look, very different from all other fibers.

The Weavers have washed it for you, so it is ready to use.

Please bear in mind the colours may vary slightly, depending on your device screen settings.


Price before discount: 181e

A Löft product is made by humans, not machines. No hands are perfect and no threads are endless, so there might be visible thread shifts, small knots and other irregularities. This is the beauty of a handwoven product. Every piece is unique.

When your carrying days are over, we recommend that you pass on the ring sling/wrap to other parents or make it into your favorite scarf, embracing all the memories of you carrying your baby.