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new release of amazing kamala in an exqusite blend and a stunning colourway, autumn wonderland!



Löft – sustainable babywearing with an urban flair 

Löft is a fair trade brand founded in Denmark in 2017 with the vision of designing stylish handwoven babywearing wraps and ring slings and aiming to create safe fair wage jobs and better opportunities for marginalized female artisans in Nepal.

 We started out by only making limited edition luxurious baby wraps and ring slings (now Löft Limited), but have since then expanded with the lines Löft Basic, consisting of handwoven baby wraps and ring slings in organic cotton, and Löft Items which is a range of handmade items for your child.

Fair Trade

Fair wages and sustainability – a cornerstone of Löft

Asia has for decades provided the Western world with a never-ending flow of cheap consumer goods, but the workers making the products are rarely paid a fair salary and often work under criticizable terms.

Löft wants to break the cycle by not only paying its Weavers and Artisans a fair wage under safe and stable conditions, but also by acknowledging them and their craftsmanship – to which the brand owes its existence and high-quality products. To honor them, every sling is named after the weaver who has made the first sample.

When buying a Löft product, you therefore support female empowerment and fair wage production without dangerous chemicals.

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