H E M P:

An ecofriendly fiber. Hemp absorbs CO2, grows without pesticides, requires 1/20 of water compared to cotton, regenerates starved soil. Hemp is a slub yarn, which adds structure to the weave. It creases easily. It is antibacterial and hypo-allergenic. It is easy-care and thermoregulatory. It is also 3 times more durable than cotton, so your sling can be passed on for generations.

Wrapping qualities: very strong, perfect for a thin sling/wrap. Supportive. Good grip. Needs a little work to be broken in.

B A N A N A:

Banana fibers are very eco-friendly, because they are made by recycling wasted banana stems. The structure of banana variates from soft shiny silk-looking fibers to raw fibers with lots of nubs, which look and feel like wool. Therefore, banana is often referred to as banana silk or banana wool. Also, long fibers mean less pilling. It is lightweight and breathable, and a natural sorbent.

Wrapping qualities: Good grip. Floppy. Moldable. Cushy.

C O T T O N:

Easy-care. Needs a little work to be broken in (this means that you have to use it for some time before it gets perfectly moldable and floppy). Easy to wrap with, perfect for both beginners and experienced wrappers.

Wrapping qualities: Lots of bounce. Moldable.

S I L K:

It is one the world’s most luxurious yarns. Natural protein fiber. Very long fibers, hardly any peeling. Dries quickly. At Löft, we use Mulberry Silk in our slings and wraps.

Wrapping qualities: Stronger than both cotton and linen. Shiny.

L I N E N:

It is a plant-based fiber from the flax plant. It creases easily. It is very strong and crisp, needs some work before it gets broken in.

Wrapping qualities: Very supportive. Less bounce. Less cush. Great strength.

C A S H M E R E:

The finest of all types of wool, it comes from the cashmere goat. Kitten belly soft! Silky. It is high-care, requires hand wash.

Wrapping qualities: The high elasticity makes it bouncy and cushy. Floppy. Moldable. Soapy.