There are many ways to tie a wrap, endless ways most likely. You need to find your favourite ones, but you have to start somewhere. In this instruction you will find one of the most commonly used babywearing styles, recommended from birth: FWCC (front wrap cross carry). This is relatively easy and very supportive- a great place to start.

1. The label in the middle of the wrap is called the middle marker. Find this label and place it on your chest. The rest of the fabric goes under your arms, crosses on your back and comes down on your shoulders.

2. Pull the fabric with your right hand so it unfolds and spreads out on your back. Do the same with your left hand.

3. Place your baby on your shoulder and gently slide it into the “pocket” on your chest. The top rail should be placed by the baby’s neckline. The lower rail should go under the baby’s bum and support your baby’s knee pits. This creates a seat for your baby. Baby’s knees should always be higher than the bum- creating an ‘M’- the natural frog position- the ergonomically correct babywearing position.

Tighten the wrap. Begin with the end that is located closer to your body at your back (the bottom one). Tie the top rail (the one closest to your neck) by pulling down the fabric, do the same with the mid rail and then the lower rail. Repeat with the other side. Tighten until your baby’s back is completely supported by tight fabric and has the shape of a ‘C’. Then cross the tails under the bum and under the baby’s legs.

4. Make a knot on your back and spread out the fabric on your back a little, so it is not gathered tightly in one place, but stretched nicely and comfortably on your back. You and your baby are ready to go!

WARNING: The fabric must never cover your baby’s face. Airways should always be free. The baby’s head should be close enough to kiss. Keep the baby’s chin up. Monitor the baby all the time.

It is always a good idea to meet with the babywearing consultant to help you begin your babywearing journey.

Don’t give up! It takes time to learn and to master the techniques. We invite you to join our chatter group, a wonderful community of amazing babywearing parents from around the world. There are many experienced wrappers and consultants among the members of the group, who we are sure will be happy to give some tips and share their advice if you need any. Feel free to ask, it is always good to learn from each other! Link below:

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