Löft Qusy Carrier is an adjustable full buckle baby carrier that grows with your baby. It has an intuitive panel adjustments of height (with collar) and width, so you can easily and quickly adapt it for a perfect fit.

To adjust the height of the collar use the snap fasteners. The shoulder straps have adjustment strap and snaps to keep the fabric in the right place while you carry your baby on the back. Use the panel width adjustment strap on the inside of the waist belt, with marked size bands, so you can easily and precisely adjust the size for a perfect fit.

You can use it to carry your baby either in the front or on your back, with baby always facing yourself. We recommend the back carry for children who are able sit up unaided (approximetale 6 months old) and support their head on their own. or are at least 6 months old on their backs.

The carrier is designed for children with a minimum weight of 3.5 kg up to 20kg, and from 62 cm to 104 cm, which is approximately 3-4 years old. We recommend using the carrier for babies who can hold their head on their own.

With each Löft Qusy Carrier purchase you will receive an instruction manual booklet, but before using your carrier we invite you to check out great tutorials created by Qusy about front carry, back carry and the collar adjustment: